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 Baz Boost
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Grobert Effects

Baz Boost

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Grobert Effects Baz Boost

Baz Boost Baz Boost is three analog boosters in one. The expanded socket set allows you to plug in cables from any side. Baz Boost powers other pedals. Features: FLAT: Flat booster known from the Golden Legend and the rest of the series. Perfectly boosts the signal without changing the sound character. When the knob is set to 0, it acts as a buffer. MID: Mid booster, which significantly cuts the top and bottom of the frequency band. Great for amplifiers lacking midrange. TREB: Germanium treble booster based on a Polish transistor from 1976. The treble booster will brighten up even the darkest amplifiers, and its cheeky character is perfect for achieving vintage sounds. BOOST: Boost level. IN/OUT: The effect is equipped with two input and two output jacks. Use the ones that are convenient for you. You can power the pedal from the left or right side. The remaining jack can be used to power another pedal. Dimensions: 72 x 114 x 47 mm Benötigt: 9VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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