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 Airchild Six Sixty
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J. Rockett Audio Designs

Airchild Six Sixty

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J. Rockett Audio Designs Airchild Six Sixty

Airchild 660 The Fairchild 660 studio compressor is consistently regarded as the best compressor ever made. For years, the original Fairchild 660 and 670 (Stereo) compressors have been extensively used in studios. This inspired J. Rockett to offer that sonic signature to the guitar community at a fraction of the $30k+ price tag. The typical guitar compressor is the “Dynacomp”, which has created iconic tones throughout the history of music, especially in Country music. That said, it's widely acknowledged that there are already countless Dynacomp variants available. The 'typical Dynacomp circuit' tends to crush the sound more like a limiter. This characteristic has cemented its sound into certain genres of music, which some may find desirable. The Team at J. Rockett aimed to provide a compressor that works like a studio compressor, enhancing harmonic richness and evening out transients without crushing the entire spectrum. The Airchild Six Sixty simply makes you want to play more. It increases sustain without crushing your output, imparts richness to your overall tone, and adds feel to your playing. Our target tones were the slide tones of Lowell George and the singing lead/rhythm tones of Mark Knopfler. The famous Fairchild 660 studio compressor is consistently regarded as the best compressor ever made. An original 660 is now selling for 40k USD or more. The Airchild re-creates the specific sonic nature of the original Fairchild 660. It smoothens out the transients, enhances harmonic richness and adds a hint of "growl". This is totally different than e.g. a “typical Dynacomp circuit”, which acts more like a limiter and “crushes” the entire spectrum of your sound. Simplified, guitar-player-friendly operation with just 4 knobs. This is a real "Always-On-Pedal”. You simply sound better when engaged…and you just want to play more. Features: -Recreates sonic nature of a real Fairchild 660 Compressor -Works like a real studio compressor, not just a limiter -Straight-forward, guitarist-friendly operation -Controls: Output, Tone, Blend, Threshold -Tone knob controls a Tilt-EQ. (Clockwise: Boost High, Cut Low. Counterclockwise: Boost Low, Cut High) -Blend knob allows for blending the dry and compressed signals -Threshold knob controls the degree of compression -Enhances harmonic richness and evens out transients without crushing the entire spectrum -Top-mounted I/Os -Built like a tank -Made in California, USA Benötigt: 9VDC 100mA Center Negativ

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