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 Noise Theory
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Noise Theory

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Subdecay Noise Theory

Noise Theory Parallel Waveshaper Fuzz Experience the fuzz future with the Noise Theory. Unconfined by 60’s and 70s tradition, it embraces synth technology like wave folding and wave shaping distortions. Uncommon in the guitar world, but they’ve been used in modular synthesis for years. Unexplored sonic territory awaits. Wave Folding: Harness the chaos With the Edit Mode switch set to Shaper you can choose from 11 fuzz types. Fuzz 2 through 9 introduce wave folder fuzzes. These offer a spectrum of mind-bending tones with intermodulation overload. So what is wave folding exactly? Basic: Wave folding is a different type of distortion. Rather than simple clipping or compression, the signal folds back in on itself. This creates complex harmonic content and timbral changes. As the gain increases the signal folds more and more. Familiar controls for gain and tone sculpt your sound, while adjusting the bias adds a distinct second harmonic. The Noise Theory provides the means to tame the madness, offering controls for pre-fuzz compression, a high pass filter, and a low pass filter. Consult the online user guide for comprehensive details. In addition to the wave shaper fuzzes, blend in the analog fuzz signal for added versatility, particularly beneficial for bass guitar or maintaining a semblance of normalcy if you are into that sort of thing. Oh, and there’s also an internal chorus/flanger just because we could. Specifications: -Parallel analog and digital fuzz -11 wave shaper fuzz types and 1 analog fuzz -11 savable presets -Full MIDI control of all parameters -MIDI controlled 4 voice polyphonic synthesizer Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 9VDC 100mA Center Negativ

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