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 Nichols 1966
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Nichols 1966

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Danelectro Nichols 1966

Nichols 1966 A Modern Take on the Mythical Liverpool Fuzz-Tone The Danelectro Nichols 1966 is a modern re-creation of the Liverpool Fuzz-Tone, which was the first fuzz created by fOXX pedals founder and current Danelectro owner Steve Ridinger. The Nichols 1966 houses a unique three-transistor circuit, arming you with a distinctive "glass-shattering" sound that falls somewhere between a fuzz and a distortion, and that's highly reactive to your guitar's volume knob. This stompbox is a true tone tweaker's delight, thanks to its interactive Fuzz and Drive knobs, which are bolstered by more conventional Tone and Volume controls. You also get a Stock/Mid Cut switch for added sonic flexibility. No matter how many fuzz pedals you own, it's unlikely that you have anything comparable to the Nichols 1966 — it's in a class all by itself. Straight outta Nichols Canyon The original Liverpool Fuzz-Tone was invented in the late 1960s by then-teenager Steve Ridinger, founder of fOXX pedals and current owner of Danelectro. He handbuilt the first Liverpool Fuzz-Tone units in the garage of his parents' Nichols Canyon home, which he subsequently sold to his high school classmates. Steve later mass-produced the Liverpool Fuzz-Tone, eventually selling several hundred units. The Danelectro Nichols 1966 is a fantastic re-creation of this elusive stompbox, meticulously crafted under the direction of Steve himself. Features: -A modern re-creation of the late-'60s Liverpool Fuzz-Tone -Houses a unique 3-transistor circuit -Delivers a distinctive "glass-shattering" sound -Falls somewhere between a fuzz and a distortion -Highly reactive to your guitar's volume knob -Interactive Fuzz and Drive knobs bolstered by Tone and Volume controls -Stock/Mid Cut switch supplies added sonic flexibility Benötigt: 9VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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