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 Alien Tone Dragon
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Analog Alien

Alien Tone Dragon

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Analog Alien Alien Tone Dragon

Alien Tone Dragon (ATD) Three Stompbox Effects In One Cool Pedal That Will Make Your Guitar Roar! Add some Dragon Fire to your pedal board with the Analog Alien – Alien Tone Dragon (ATD)! Analog Alien Guitar Pedals have become known for combining multiple effects into one single pedal enclosure, and the Alien Tone Dragon proudly carries on that legacy. Use the Clean Boost to push your guitar pedals, restore unity gain to your pedal board, or make your amp go to 12! The Dragon Fire circuit can go from a full sonic wall of fiery fuzz to the hottest Rock/ Blues overdrive you’ve ever heard, with just a few tweaks of its control knobs. Finally, shape your sound with a fully active, non over-lapping, 3 band tone circuit with master volume. You can use the 3 control knobs to easily sweep through the tone control until you find just the sound you’re looking for. Combine all 3 effects for a sonic tonal experience! The ATD will set your guitar on fire! Alien Tone Dragon – Clean Boost, Dragon Fire, Active Tone Circuit 18db of clean boost. Go from a rich Rock/Blues Overdrive, to a sonic wall of Fuzz with just a few tweaks from Dragon Fire’s three control knobs. Shape your sound with a three band, non over-lapping, active tone control with master volume. Features: -Multi-effects pedal for electric guitar with Clean Boost, Overdrive/Fuzz and Active Tone Circuit. -Boost section provides 1db to 18db of clean boost. Boost your signal subtlety or full-on. -Versatile Overdrive circuit capable of achieving a warm expressive Rock/Blues Overdrive to a Sonic wall of fuzz with just a few tweaks from its 3 control knobs. -Sweet-sounding, active, tone circuit with non over-lapping frequency tone bands to shape and enhance your tone. -Get a super-versatile tone monster effects box with the Alien Tone Dragon! Powerful Clean Boost Add up to 18db of clean gain without introducing any unwanted tonal artifacts to your signal. Use the ATD Boost to restore unity gain to your pedal board, push the other pedals in your signal chain or raise the level and presence of your time based effects. Higher gain settings will push your vintage amp into overdrive bliss! Expressive Rock/Blues Overdrive to Full Blown-Out Fuzz The Dragon Fire Overdrive is one of the most expressive Overdrives around. The Dragon Fire will let you go from a sweet sounding Rock/Blues Overdrive to a full blown out wall of sonic fuzz with just a few tweaks of its control knobs. You can use the bias control to go from a vintage sounding fuzz, to a fuzz that is more focused and defined with lots of tonal articulation. When the “IN” control is turned down you can use the Clean Boost to boost the Dragon Fire, (it’s great for power chords and solos). You can also use the tone circuit to shape and refine your sound. 3 band Active Tone Circuit to Shape Your Tone When designing the Tone Circuit for the Alien Tone Dragon the guys at Analog Alien decided to go with an active tone control with non over-lapping frequency bands. This design allows you to adjust the three frequency bands (Treble, Mid and Low) up or down, without affecting the frequencies of the other bands. You can boost or cut from -16db to +16db. We wanted to create a tone circuit that could deliver a wide array of tonal options and that’s just what you’ll find in the Alien Tone Dragon. Specifications: -Pedal Type:Clean Boost, Fuzz/Overdrive, Active Tone Circuit -Analog/Digital:Analog -Effects Types:Clean Boost, Fuzz/Overdrive, Active Tone Circuit -Inputs:1 x 1/4″ -Outputs:1 x 1/4″ -True Bypass:Yes -Height:1.5″ -Width:5.75″ -Depth:4.75″ -Manufacturer Part Number: ATD-10 -Tone control Specs: -3-Way, active tone control that can boost or attenuate the audio spectrum content at low, mid and high frequencies in the range of -16 to +16db. -Bass control cut-off frequency 200Hz -Mid central frequency filter is 1 KHZ. -Treble control cut-off frequency 2kHz Benötigt: 9VDC 50mA Center Negativ

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