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 The Mocker
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Aclam Guitars

The Mocker

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Aclam Guitars The Mocker

The Mocker An expanded rendition of the iconic VOX UL730 series fuzz circuit. To ensure authenticity, we've sourced the rare N.O.S Phillips OA200 diodes, matching those used in the original UL Series. This commitment to genuine vintage components has led us to create a limited edition of only 200 units, making The Mocker a true collector's piece. THE VOX UL730 HIDDEN GEM The Vox UL730 amp is not only a super rare amp, but also a piece of music history thanks to The Beatles, Joy Division and Led Zeppelin. After restoring and analyzing the internal circuitry of our S/N: 3042 unit, we captured its beautiful tube saturation in the Dr. Robert. But the amp had much more to offer. Although Vox included a built-in “distortion” circuit in the UL series, the resultant tone was primitive, closer to a fuzz than a regular distortion pedal from our times. Moreover, compared to other UL’s, our unit fuzz tone was unique: kind of gated and spluttery. No other Vox UL offered alike tones because some components on our amp had degraded and misbiased the fuzz circuit. We developed a prototype pedal to recreate that tone plus the non misbiased one after finding a small batch of the original clipping diodes Vox used in the UL series and the result was outstanding. Thus, The Mocker was born: an extended version of the original Vox UL series fuzz circuit, ready to nail the tones from the ‘66s and ’67s era plus many more. A pedal that amazes for its versatility thanks to the Bias control, capable of landing on so musical terrains, from vintage to modern, by tweaking a single knob. Inspired by the ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ album —whose eponymous song has a lead guitar intro, probably recorded with the UL fuzz— The Mocker owns a beautiful Hammerite finish, the same on most British fuzz boxes of those times, also used on the Vox UL series original footswitches. Nothing is made by chance in The Mocker. The Mocker Features: -Faithful replica of our Vox UL730 (S/N 3042) internal fuzz circuit. -New Old Stock OA200 diodes, same used in the Vox UL series! -Bias and Tone controls for a wide range of fuzz tones. -Grey Hammerite finish: a tribute to the ‘60s British fuzzboxes. -Inspired on the lead tones from ‘Sgt. Peppers’ album. -Smart Track® Fastening System. The Mocker benötigt: 9VDC 100mA Center Negativ

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