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Friedman Amplification


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Friedman Amplification IR-X

IR-X High Voltage Dual-Tube Direct Solution The Friedman IR-X dual-channel tube preamp is an entire Friedman rig in a compact pedalboard-friendly package. Powered by two high-voltage 12AX7 preamp tubes, each channel delivers the harmonic richness and touch response of Dave Friedman’s finest designs. DSP IR cabinet/power amp simulation sends a studio-quality mic’d-up tone to your DAW or Front-of-House. All-Tube Friedman Tone IR-X isn't simulating a Friedman tube preamp. It is one. While many available preamp pedals utilize tubes to 'warm up' their digital or solid-state circuit, two glowing 12AX7 preamp tubes, running at a proper high voltage, are this pedal's beating heart. A genuine preamp in every way, IR-X delivers all the tone, response, gain characteristics, and harmonic complexity you expect from a Friedman design. Two Fully Independent Foot-Switchable Channels Like the famed Friedman flagship amps, channel one takes your tone from bluesy, British-voiced cleans to a muscular Plexi-style roar. Engage channel two for the Friedman signature higher-gain voice and all the percussive punch, note clarity and singing sustain that comes with it. Dual Independent Boosts Both channels feature their own independent and highly tweakable boost circuits. This essentially gives you four channels, accessible with the tap of your toe. Impulse Response Cabinet and Power Amp Simulation All great tube amps need a great speaker cabinet, and whether sending your signal straight to the board or silently playing through the onboard headphone output, IR-X gives you a selection of Dave Friedman’s favorite IRs. Select the IR per channel using the 3-way mini toggle switches or load your own quickly and easily via IR-X’s editing software. You can even disengage the onboard IRs entirely to use IR-X’s tube preamp with another IR loader. IR-X SOFTWARE EDITOR IR-X gives you astounding tonal control, but its included Friedman IR-X Editor software takes it to a new level. With it, you can tweak each channel’s power amp simulation via the thump and presence controls, load your favorite IRs, activate the Boost Lock feature, select loop ON/OFF and save it all to 128 MIDI presets. Features: -All-tube HIGH-VOLTAGE preamp - DI -2 x 12AX7 preamp tubes -Two independent channels + boost -Channel 1 (Top channel) clean to gritty -Channel 2 (Bottom channel) high gain drive -MIDI programmable features: -Channel select / boost -IR Select -Thump and Presence – three-way switch per channel -Effects Loop On/Off -Boost Lock -Power amp simulation with software editable Presence and Thump (per channel) -Low latency Impulse Response cabinet simulation (bypassable) -Three position CAB/IR select switch per channel (programmable via software) -12 free Friedman IRs or load your own -Boost Volume and Gain controls (per channel) -Volume and Gain controls (per channel) -Full EQ consisting of Bass, Middle, Treble (per channel) -3-way Bright switch (Channel 1) -2-way Tight switch (Channel 2) -Three multi-function foot switches -Ultra-transparent series FX loop (bypassable) -TRS balanced output -Headphone output -MIDI 5 pin standard connector and USB MIDI -USB software editor - powered by SYNERGY -Dimensions (Including Knobs): 5.5” (D) x 6.5” (W) x 2.3 (H) -Weight: 1.5 lbs. Bedienungsanleitung Benötigt: 9-12 VDC 800mA Center Negativ

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