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 Mastermind PBC
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RJM Music

Mastermind PBC

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RJM Music Mastermind PBC

Mastermind PBC Der RJM Music Mastermind PBC Looper/Switcher ist ein international als Industriestandard anerkannter Looper/Switcher und wird von vielen Gitarristen weltweit geschätzt. Er hat 6 mono Audio-Loops und 4 mono/stereo Audio-Loops. aufgeteilt in 4 Audio-Loops, 2 Audio-Loops und 4 Audio-Loops, die letzten 4 Audio-Loops kann man einzeln seriell oder parallel routen mit dem internen Mixer, die letzten 4 Audio-Loops wenn parellel geschaltet haben SPILLOVER-Funktion, 4 galvanisch getrennte Funktions-Schalter, 3 Buffer (1 x Input, 1 x vor Audio-Loop 7 und 1 x nach Audio-Loop10), 640 Presets, Sendet 16 x PC und 16 x CC pro Preset, mono, stereo oder A/B einsetzbar und vieles mehr. Ruf an - dann erkläre ich dir die Funktionen !! 0681-5898564 Get your pedalboard under control! The Mastermind PBC is our first switching unit designed for use on a pedalboard. This product combines best of all of the products we"ve done over the years into one compact and powerful unit. This gives for the first time, the power and flexibility of a rack switching system - on a pedalboard! We"ve designed the Mastermind PBC to get the most out of pedalboards that include MIDI controllable pedals like those made by Eventide, Line 6 and Strymon. Not only does the PBC handle all of the audio routing and switching, but also its comprehensive MIDI features allow complete control over these pedals. With the Mastermind PBC, you get: -10 audio loops, arranged in a group of 4 loops, a group of 2 loops and another group of 4 loops, with insert points in between -The last four (4) loops are stereo capable using TRS jacks -Each of the last four loops can be switched between series and parallel routing, using an internal line mixer -The two outputs can be used as left and right outputs for a stereo signal, or as A and B outputs to A/B switch a mono signal between two amps -The B output has a switchable isolation transformer and a programmable phase switch -Three audio buffers, each of which can be enabled or disabled by IA button or as part of a preset (before loop 1, before loop 7 and after loop 10) -Click Stopper noise reduction circuit, which can be switched between two positions (before loop 7 or after loop 10) -11 buttons, each with a multi-color LED indicator -Buttons are user configurable - any button can be set to any function and LED color -Easy to read LCD display that can display preset and song names, plus other status -Built in tuner -MIDI input & output connections, powered by the MIDI "brain" of our Mastermind GT controller -USB device port for connection to a PC or Mac. This allows the Mastermind GT to send MIDI commands to a computer -USB host port for use with a USB thumb drive. Back up and restore settings to a flash drive, and also use a flash drive to perform firmware upgrades -Two 1/4-inch TRS jacks that provide four function switches. These can be used to control the channel switching and other features on an amplifier -Expression pedal input that can be programmed to generate MIDI messages -External switch input allows two more switches to be added -Mac and PC editor software allows for faster and more comprehensive editing Specifications: -Size: 17.5" (w) x 5.5" (d) x 3.33" (h) / 44.5 cm (w) x 14.0 cm (d) x 8.38 (h) -Weight: 4 lbs / 1.8 kg -640 presets -250 songs, 16 setlists -Can control up to 16 MIDI devices -20 MIDI messages can be assigned per button (PC, CC, Note, Sysex) -Power requirements: 12VDC, 500mA Bedienungsanleigung

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