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 The Paisley Drive
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Wampler Pedals

The Paisley Drive

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Wampler Pedals The Paisley Drive

The Paisley Drive We"ve been working long and hard with Brad Paisley for a while... trying to come up with the overdrive that he"s 100% happy with. Finally, after months and months we"ve got it! Brad was wanting a pedal that could get very clean and yet get nice and crunchy with a bit of "beef" to it, yet he wanted a fluid tone when soloing. Something that will add just a bit of "hair" to the tone or can add flat out ball busting gain without wrecking the tonality... something that when he stepped on it gave the notes girth without sounding like a pedal. The pedal LOVES strats and humbuckers as well. Many times you may have a pedal that sounds great with one guitar and utter crap with a different guitar. Not so with the Paisley Drive. You can get great greasy tones - you know, those blues tones that just drip with personality, dynamics, and inspiration. It may, in fact, save the world. No, seriously. ;) Enough of my rambling - click on the soundclips button and hear it for yourself. Then buy the pedal and you"ll be the envy of all of your friends and your mother will love you for it.

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