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Nordvang Custom


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Nordvang Custom Altitude

Altitude Introducing the Altitude, inspired by the legendary Marshall Bluesbreaker, a farvorite among many guitarists. The Altitude builds on the classic "black-box" Bluesbreaker topology, adding a layer of tweakability that makes it incredibly versatile. Seamlessly transition from a "low gain," "transparent," non-compressed, and open tone to a classic saturated rock sound, and everything in between. Extended Headroom: We implemented a charge pump (voltage doubler) circuit to increase the internal voltages supplied to the op amps. This results in a more dynamic, touch-responsive, and amp-like feel. More Output: We added an extra gain stage at the end of the BB circuit to increase the output level. This allows you to push the front end of your amp, even with the Altitude at low gain settings. Premium Parts: It’s not just about the recipe; it’s about the ingredients! We believe that the quality of components is crucial, which is why we use only the best. Our capacitors come from Wima, with their top-of-the-line MKP10 (polypropylene) for the input capacitor. Throughout the circuit, you’ll find a carefully selected mix of MKP10, FKP2, MKS4, and MKS2 capacitors. Because great sound starts with great parts. NO electrolytic capacitors in the audio path! While many companies cut corners with electrolytic or cheap ceramic capacitors (SMT) once the value hits 1uF, we take a different approach. We exclusively use high-quality film capacitors because they simply sound better. The Altitude is wired using screened D-501 high-end audio cable, made by Van den Hul in the Netherlands. Comes with a stunning custom-made box, fabricated by a local company the "old school" way. With the added feature of a clean boost, the Altitude opens up a world of tonal possibilities. Whether you're after the iconic clean sounds or pushing your amp into overdrive, the Altitude delivers. Perfect for guitarists seeking both subtlety and power, this pedal is a must-have addition to any pedalboard. The front of the Altitude presents seven controls: Gain, Tone, Level: Standard controls for shaping the tone of the overdrive section of the pedal. Clarity: A secondary, but more subtle tone control, for fine-tuning the high frequency response of the overdrive circuit. CLIP - 3-way toggle switch: Changes the clipping-diode structure, with three levels of compression. Choose between 4-diodes, 6-diodes or no diodes (open), for maximum clean headroom. Boost: Controls the boost level. With the boost at minimum, the level is unity. EQ - 3-way toggle switch: Choose between three different eq curves for the boost. Full frequency, low-mids and high-mids. Dive deeper into customization by unscrewing the lid to a 2-way dip-switch, allowing for meticulous tone shaping: HIGH GAIN: Increases the minimum gain level and extends the gain range by 50%. LOWS: Boosts the low frequency response of the overdrive BOOST: The boost circuit is post-drive (after) and can be used independent of the main drive circuit. It’s a “clean” boost built around an op-amp and not meant to color or change your tone, but give you more of what you already got. The boost knob controls the gain of the boost circuit, from unity with the gain at minimum to an 18dB boost, with the gain knob at max. On the front you also find a three-position toggle switch labeled “EQ” which gives you three different voicings to choose from. Full frequency, low-mids and high-mids. BUFFER: We took inspiration from the Gravity, where both the TS and the K-circuit have buffered bypass, which means that with the pedal “off”, you have two buffers in series. We really like the buffered tone of the TS transistor-buffer followed by the K-circuits op-amp buffer. The new buffer circuit consist of a NPN transistor input buffer with an input impedance of 510K Ohm, like a TS, followed by an op-amp output buffer stage, with an output impedance of 100 Ohm. Because not every guitarist likes a buffer and, in some situations, true bypass is preferred, we wanted to make the buffer switchable. This is done via a dip switch found on the inside. As an extra feature, if the pedal is set to “buffered bypass” and the power fails, it will automatically switch to "true bypass" and let signal through. This also happens if the power fails, while the pedal is engaged. Altitude, with its meticulous design and a plethora of tonal options, promises a sonic journey like no other. Unleash your creativity and embark on an exploration of unparalleled overdrive possibilities. Sharing the pedal design platform of Mid-Air, Altitude boasts stacked PCBs in a compact-sized Hammond 1590B3 enclosure, striking a perfect balance between the classic 1590B and 1590BB. This design choice facilitates the incorporation of an extra footswitch for a separate boost circuit, alongside 5 knobs and 2 toggle switches. PARTS: We use high quality components, Vishay metal film resistors, WIMA audiophile capacitors, Taiway switches and Pure-Tone jacks. Wired with Van Den Hul cable. Buffered or true bypass !! Dimensions: 4.57 in x 3.03 in (116 mm x 77 mm) Benötigt: 9VDC 150mA Center Negativ

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